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Policies and Regulations (Monthly Stays)

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Monthly stay park policies and regulations

Looking for nightly park policies and regulations?


We are excited that you have decided to stay with use either as a camper or extended stay guest

Please make yourself at home and enjoy a peaceful, fun and relaxing stay.


Foster Lake RV Resort offers nightly, weekly, and monthly (extended stay) reservations. The resort was designed to accommodate most Recreational Vehicles with many pull through sites that are large enough for “BIG RIGS” that have multiple slides.

The resort boasts of 66 full hookup sites, We also have 3 partial hookup sites, 4 log cabins and 2 studio rooms for guests.

All RV’s must be manufactured by a recognized maker. We do not allow self made RV’s, modified buses, or tents.

If you are planning to be an extended stay guest, your RV must be 10 years old or newer. Your RV must be clean including your awning and all components of your RV must be in good working order with no external blemishes. Overhead truck campers are only allowed on a nightly/weekly rental basis. They may not be used for long term rental units.


PAYMENT POLICY:   Monthly Rent can be adjusted annually

Rent is to be paid by automatic withdrawal on the 1st thru the 5th of each month.

Monthly rent is due on the 1st day of each month. If the 1st day of the month falls on a legal holiday or a Sunday rent is to be paid on the next business day. If rent is paid after the 5th day of the month, there will be a $25 late fee assessed to your rent that month. Late payment of rent and late fees will not be accrued more than 3 times. If rent has not been paid in full along with accumulated late fees by the 15th of the month due, guest will be served a 72 hour notice to vacate the resort for nonpayment of rent. Notice of nonpayment of rent under ORS 90.4 – may be deemed served on the day on which it is mailed by first class mail to the defendant at their mailing address or attached in a secure manner to the main entrance to your RV or that portion of the premises of which the tenant has possession.



There is NO REFUND for early departure during the month’s stay.  



All monthly sites are metered with 30 & 50 amp electric hook-ups. Guests are responsible for payment of their own electrical usage. Foster Lake RV Park Staff will read the electric meter monthly. Charges are then calculated and added to your monthly rent amount.



Check in is 1:00pm. Please check in at the office upon arrival to pick up your information packet on the reservation board located on the front porch. It will have your site map, parking pass, wifi code, and pertinent information you may need in regard to the guidelines of the resort.



Check out time is 11:00am. Please notify the Resort office as soon as you know the length of your stay. If there is a change in the time, please inform the office staff as soon as possible. A minimum of 1-2 week notice is helpful to give us time to secure your site for new guests.


MAIL SERVICE:  We do not provide mail service so we ask you not to use Foster Lake RV Resort as your mailing address. All mail addressed to the resort will be returned to the sender. The city of Sweet Home and Foster do have post offices where you can obtain a PO Box. They will let you use their addresses for packages that come through USPS if you have a PO Box with them. When placing an order being shipped Fed Ex/UPS, please designate your space number in the ship to address so delivery can be made to your site.



We are excited to welcome families to our resort. It is our goal  to keep families with children and grandchildren safe as well as to ensure they are having a good time while they are here.

  • We ask that all guests treat other guests with respect and appropriate conduct & language.
  • Children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult at all times (at least 18 yrs. of age) including the pool area. Do not leave children unattended at any time.
  • We ask that children do not ride bikes on any of the sidewalks or in the entrance driveway and parking areas of the resort. This is a safety issue as there is a lot of traffic coming and going into the park.
  • We have a play area for children with a grassy area and playground for them to play at.
  • For safety reasons, we do not allow remote controlled cars, drones, skateboards, hoverboards or other electronically operated toys in the resort.



We are a pet friendly park and love critters! Each RV site is allowed two pets only. All pets must be approved by the management. There can be NO exotic pets of any kind. Such as:  snakes, reptiles, pigs, goats, rabbits, or horses, etc. Current rabies and vaccinations must be presented to park management before your intended stay. We do not allow any purebred or mixed breeds of AGGRESSIVE dogs such as the following: Pit Bull (American Pit Bull Terrier), Doberman Pinchers, or Rottweilers, Chows, wolf-mix. Please alert us if your pet is a service animal.

  • Pets (Dogs/Cats) must be  kept on a short six-foot handheld leash if they are outside of your RV.
  • Please do not chain your pets to trees, electric boxes or tables that are at or near your site.
  • All cats must be kept indoors and contained in a carrier if outside your RV. No animals are to be left unattended.
  • I, the guest at Foster Lake RV Resort LLC am responsible for any injury to a person/s or pet/s of mine, my family or my guest. If your pet shows aggression towards another guest or a guest’s pet this can be cause for immediate eviction.
  • Pets cannot be left unattended in your RV, RV site, or vehicles at any time.
  • Restrain your pet from excessive barking or noise. The noise ordinance says “Dogs that bark cumulatively for more than 10 minutes during any one-hour period is considered a public nuisance.” This may be cause for eviction.
  • Your pet must have a current vaccinations record on file at the office.
  • Pet waste must be picked up and disposed of properly from any area of the park including the dog run area. Neglecting to pick up pet waste will result in $50.00 cleanup fee to be charged to your credit card on file if our maintenance staff has to pick up your pet’s waste. More than one warning is cause for eviction from the park.
  • Please do not let your pet use other guest sites for their pet waste needs.
  • Your site must be cleaned of any pet waste immediately. The lawn maintenance company will not mow a site that contains pet waste. A $50.00 fee will be charged to you if  they are unable to perform lawn care duties at your site.
  • Mobile pet fences are allowed but must be placed in the gravel area to allow for lawn maintenance. If you put up a pet fence we ask that you not put it on the grass without prior authorization for Foster Lake RV staff.
  • No visitor’s pets are allowed at any time.



  • Quiet time in the park is between the hours of 10:00 PM-7:00 AM
  • We so not allow: ATV operation, or any other motorized vehicle or toys within the park premises.
  • Please do not drive through, park in empty sites or in such a way that would block traffic.
  • SPEED LIMIT IS 5 MPH throughout the park. Please watch out for children.
  • We all want to live and stay in a clean and tidy park. We ask that you keep your site tidy and free of debris. All sites are allowed to have: One cooking grill, 3 lawn chairs, 1 ice chest, lanterns, but no other items should be stored outside your RV. No household furniture, refrigerators, freezers, rafts, paddle board, fire wood etc.…are allowed to be stored outside in the RV site without permission from the office staff. Outdoor rugs and mats cannot be on the lawns. Tarps of any kind are prohibited in the site. One (1)neutral colored (tan, grey, white) shade canopy is allowed and must be in excellent condition. Because are water is provided by the city, we ask that each site have no more than 5 two gallon plants per site. Please do not water the grass. Extra water usage will be cause for added fees.
  • Most of our picnic tables are vinyl, so please do not put your barbecue device on the picnic tables because they will burn.
  • Use of generators is not allowed in the park without permission from the office staff or under emergency power shutdowns from the power companies.
  • You are not allowed to build stairs or stairs with a deck without prior approval from management. A drawing of the planned stairs must be given to office staff for approval.
  • Jacuzzis and hot tubs are not allowed at your site or anywhere else in the park.
  • All guests would like to enjoy “quiet enjoyment of their time here, so please do not play LOUD music and have LOUD conversations.
  • Please be considerate of others by limiting your cell phone usage in common areas.
  • Please respect other guests by not walking through their sites.
  • Parking is limited to (1) vehicle per RV site. There is a parking order in the resort according to which site you are in. Please check with office staff to follow their guideline. Please pull your vehicle as close to your RV as possible. Do not park on the grass or roadway. If your vehicle is too large to park without protruding into the traffic lane, please park in overflow parking. Any additional vehicles must be parked in visitor parking only and there is a $25.00 per month parking fee per extra vehicle. There is a limit to no more than 2 extra vehicles/boats. Again, we ask that there is no parking of vehicles/boats in vacant RV sites.

Washing or repair of vehicles or RV’s is allowed in the resort unless approved by Foster Lake Resort Staff. Any washing or repairs performed on your RV must be scheduled with the office and performed by a licensed, registered, and bonded company or individual. Proof of liability insurance must be filed at the office prior to work being performed.

  • You are required to clean/detail your RV a minimum of one time per year. This must be performed by a licensed and bonded company. There will be a $25 water usage fee for washing your vehicle/RV that can be paid up front at the office or added to your monthly rent. The water usage fee will be charged each time your your vehicles or RV are washed..
  • We are located next to a lumber mill. The mill runs 24/7 and can sometimes be a bit noisy. We apologize for this inconvenience.
  • Foster Lake RV Resort is not responsible for accidents, damage, or loss to property.
  • I, the registered guest at Foster Lake RV Resort am responsible for the behavior, actions, and safety of myself, my family, and my guests.
  • Your credit card will be kept on file in the office. Anyone damaging park property will be responsible for needed repairs according to owner’s assessment and will be billed to your stored credit card.
  • Smoking is prohibited in buildings, cabins, or pool areas.
  • Alcohol is not permitted in any of the common areas and is restricted in the pool area. Glass containers, ice chests and,  or food are not allowed IN the pool area. Picnic tables are situated outside the pool area for your convenience. We pride ourselves that Foster Lake RV Resort is a FAMILY FRIENDLY RESORT and excessive alcohol consumption is not welcome here and could be cause for immediate eviction.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO ILLEGAL DRUGS and controlled substances including any form of marijuana whether medical or recreational are strictly prohibited anywhere on the property and cause for immediate eviction without refund. Marijuana is still considered a federally illegal drug.
  • Fighting, loud angry conversations and abusive language are prohibited and cause for immediate eviction without refund.
  • The management reserves the right to refuse service/length of stay and/or number of persons and vehicles per site.
  • If you see someone or something that you are concerned about, please notify the office staff immediately, do not take matters into your own hands for the safety of yourself and all guests.
  • If an emergency, please call 911 IMMEDIATELY



Fires are restricted to fire rings only and are to be extinguished prior to retiring for the night. If we are alerted by the Sweet Home Fire district, US Forest Service, law enforcement or any other government agency that there is extreme fire danger, No open fires will be allowed.  Camp fires  cannot exceed the diameter in width or height of your fire ring. Please make sure your fire rings are placed only in the gravel area and not in the grass. Do not burn any household trash, diapers, debris, cigarette butts, cans, etc. All disposables must be placed in trash receptacle.



Waste of any kind (oil, sewage, grey water) must be drained into the proper receptacles and disposed of properly. Each RV must have the county approved sewer connection (Required by State of Oregon and Linn County Health Department.) If you do not have the proper sewer connection, they can be purchased either a hardware stores or an RV store in the area.


HEATED SWIMMING POOL (Seasonal): The pool is for paying guests only. Visitors and family members are not allowed in the pool area without permission from the office staff.

Our pool rules are available at the office.

NOTE: If an individual or group of individuals has more than 2 pool violations whether written or oral in a day by resort staff, they will be asked to leave the pool and pool area for the rest of that day and possibly permanently.

Guests using the pool must be in swim attire, not street clothes.

Small children and babies not toilet trained must wear a SWIM DIAPER

  • Pets are not allowed inside or directly around the fenced pool area.
  • Glass containers, food are not allowed inside the pool area
  • All drinks must be kept on the tables and not next to the concrete swim deck alongside the pool.
  • Please dispose of all drink containers in trash receptacles.
  • If asked to leave the pool area, please do so immediately for the safety of all guests.



We are proud of our laundry facility. Check the machine to determine the required laundry soap needed (HE requires liquid/pods). You can help us to keep the laundry area neat and clean by making sure you clean the lint traps in the dryers after each use. Please wipe off any dirt or debris from extra soiled clothes from the washing machine. PLEASE do not OVERLOAD the machines. Pet beds and  sleeping bags or any other bulky or heavy items. The laundry sink is for laundry only - no pet baths, fish cleaning etc. All laundry must be completed and removed from laundry room no later than 15 min prior to posted closing time which is 8am to 8pm.



We ask that all guests that are staying in an RV use their own shower facilities in their own RV’S .

The resort shower and restroom facilities located in the main office building are exclusively for overnight/weekly paying guests that stay in our cabins and studios only. If you have a circumstance where you need to temporarily use the resort facilities please get approval from the office staff.



We ask that you PLEASE break down & disassemble any boxes, cardboard, or any other item that takes up an enormous amount of room in the recycle receptacle.



The resort provides trash service. We ask that you do not place large items for disposal such as furniture, electronics, TV’s, appliances, oil, auto parts, paint cans, or any trash that does not belong to a paying guest of the resort. The trash is for small household trash only.



We ask that any visiting guests register at the office and they will be issued a parking pass. Visitors must park in the overflow parking provided by the resort. Visiting hours are from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Visitors do not have access to the pool, showers, bathrooms or laundry facilities without special permission from the Foster Lake Staff. No visiting guests are allowed to stay overnight unless approved by Foster Lake RV Resort Staff and a $10.00 fee per person per night is paid at the office. As owners of the park, our goal is to create a pleasant, enjoyable safe park for all to enjoy. Therefore, we ask each person individually as well as any visiting guest you may have to take full responsibility for your behavior and actions. Every effort should be made to conduct yourself with dignity and respect for everyone. We ask that there be no threats, domestic violence, or confrontational behavior to staff or others in the park. If this happens, it will result in an immediate eviction from the resort, without refund.



We do not offer cable TV. The resort provides basic WI-FI free of charge. We do not guarantee consistent strong signal. If your internet needs are more than the park provides, you are welcome to obtain a booster device at your expense or contract with a private internet service at your own expense. If your need is more than the park provides, you are free to contract with Comcast or an internet provider of your choice for private services to your site. Should you contract with an outside provider such as Dish or Direct TV you are responsible for any and all set up and/or monthly fees. Please let the front office know if you will be scheduling an appointment for extra TV/Internet service. If a satellite dish will be installed, please have the park staff approval. Do not run cords, cables or the dish in the grass area of your site (Gravel area only).



We strive to keep the  Resort crime free and safe for all guests. We ask that you be proactive by keeping your RV and vehicles locked and secure when you are not at your site. We also ask that you notify the office immediately should you observe an unusual behavior or traffic in the Resort. If you witness unusual events or consider the situation an emergency, call 911 immediately, then the office.


Foster Lake RV Resort and Staff are not responsible for any damage to your RV unit, any RV components, personal vehicles, trailers, and boats are other items stored here at the resort or anything belonging to your visiting guests.


As a guest of Foster Lake RV Resort, I have read and understand these rules, guidelines, and policies of the Resort. I agree to abide by them with the understanding that if I choose not to abide by them Foster Lake RV Resort has the right for immediate eviction without refund of any balance of rent or deposits paid.


Should I be evicted, I agree to remove my RV within 72 hours of eviction and to leave the RV site that I occupied in clean and habitable condition free of all trash and debris. I agree to abide by all terms of this agreement.

Looking for nightly park policies and regulations?